Everything is broken...
What a great time to be alive!
For decades now, women have been modeling a different way of running businesses.
We get to profitability faster than men. We are more capital efficient. And we tend to build small, meaningful, value-creating businesses.
82% of businesses bring in less than $5M a year. "Go big or go home" is being replaced by "small is the new big".
Small teams of talented people are the ones coming up with breakthrough ideas for a better world.
If we joined together to support, finance, and celebrate businesses redefining everything that is broken...
We could transform our economy and change the narrative.

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#Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
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I am redefining how women learn code. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Heather Payne
CEO, HackerYou
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how we attract the best female theoretical physicists in the world. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Maria Antonakos
Director, Perimeter Institute
Ontario, Canada
I am redefining "marginalized" youth's power to make change in business and grassroots activism!! #Redefineit #SheEO
Amy Hosotsuji
Project Manager, Developer, Connector and Visionary
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining work on my own terms! Some people thought I was crazy when I turned down the Dragon's offer of investment in my business (CBC TV Dragon's Den January 2012). But I decided to keep my business small and my production 100% Canadian. I've got
Karyn Climans
Owner at Tail Wags Helmet Covers Inc.
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining business design. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Karen SchulmanDupuis
Business Designer. Connector. Shift Disturber. Intrapreneur. Speaker. Teacher. Elephant Hunter. Feminist. http://t.co/2MgKP31Fib
#StratfordON #Toronto #LdnOnt
I am redefining BabyVaccination #Redefineit #SheEO
Falastin Zghyer
I am redefining Business Cards #Redefineit #SheEO
UB Card
Get Public & Unique Identity with UBCard App.
Dallas/Fort Worth
I am redefining gaming to solve real-world challenges with Gameful. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Jane McGonigal
Creative Director, Avant Games
San Francisco, US
I am redefining globalization. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Vandana Shiva
I am redefining living your passion, and building a business on it. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Julie Watson
Owner of AfterGlow Health & Fitness for Prenatal, Postnatal & Beyond. Mother of 3, Writer and Circus Director (just in life)!!
San Francisco
I am redefining horsemedicine #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Shelly Burton
Reiki Practitioner l @UniofOxford Grad I Social Entrepreneur. I do healing work with people, horses and other pets.
Toronto + Global
I am redefining urban spaces with Sprout Guerrilla. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Julie Forand
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how busy people can follow personal dreams and still fulfill obligations to family - child and elder care #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Team myBestHelper
Co-founders Alex T. Greenhill and Rob Attwell connect with our community - mentors, fellow #startups and all of you, best friends! Also see @mybesthelper
I am redefining business culture through the cultivation and growth of startups #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
valerie fox
cofounder and exec dir of Ryerson’s DMZ., #1 university business incubator in Canada, #5 in the world (UBI index). Success happens here.
I am redefining fearless leadership #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Danika Czubak
Freedom. Success. Adventure. Travel. Elite Personal Coaching for students, world travelers, and go-getters.
I am redefining living the dream. it's not a job, it's a lifestyle:) #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Property & Concierge Services in Ibiza
Ibiza, Spain
I am redefining the way we inspire learning #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
richard ford
I am redefining the home healthcare market #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
http://t.co/IDu2sMgXrb has developed a platform to aid in Managing Home Healthcare.
I am redefining how we support entrepreneurs who are making a lasting impact on the world. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Fran Hauser
VC @RothVentures. Digital Media Veteran. Advocate for Women and Kids. Proud Mom. Passionate about connecting people & inspiring change.
NYC and Bedford
I am redefining business and success #Redefineit #SheEO
Thoughts from a social entrepreneur about food, politics, life and whatever strikes me!
I am redefining POSSIBLE #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jessica Peters
Shameless Idealist. Anti apathy. Friend of animals everywhere.
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