Everything is broken...
What a great time to be alive!
For decades now, women have been modeling a different way of running businesses.
We get to profitability faster than men. We are more capital efficient. And we tend to build small, meaningful, value-creating businesses.
82% of businesses bring in less than $5M a year. "Go big or go home" is being replaced by "small is the new big".
Small teams of talented people are the ones coming up with breakthrough ideas for a better world.
If we joined together to support, finance, and celebrate businesses redefining everything that is broken...
We could transform our economy and change the narrative.

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#Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
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I am redefining global understanding in education with WorldVuze #Redefineit #SheEO
Julia Coburn
WorldVuze Co-Founder
Kitchener, Canada
I am redefining what it means to 'have it all'. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Desiree Miller
AKA Energizer Bunny: Proud mom, TV News Prod., #travel writer/vlogger, @AtlantaBabyExpo organizer, #Atlanta blogger, http://t.co/4De7jee4, http://t.co/rw4nOT2O
I am redefining the messages we see in public space. #Redefineit #SheEO
Suppinder Bains
Idealist, Grounded in Reality
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining startup support with peer mentoring! #strategicfocus #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Kaleidoscope launched its B2B online #mentoring platform for aspiring/new entrepreneurs & #startups. Gain #strategicfocus with local experts!
Toronto, ON
I am redefining How government supports Canadian entrepreneurs #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
S. Benzvy Miller
My opinions are my own. RTs are not endorsements. / Ce sont mes opinions personnelles. Les RTs ne sont pas des appuis.
Ottawa, Ontario
I am redefining how we create value in our systems with (re)Value #RedefineIt #SheEO
Joy Anderson
Founder and President of Criterion Institute
Hartford, Connecticut Area
I am redefining dignity for the visually impaired with Adaptive Designers. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Sherene Ng
Co-Founder, Adaptive Designers
I am redefining Home Healthcare #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
http://t.co/IDu2sMgXrb Finding and Managing the Best in Home Healthcare.
I am redefining how meaningful solutions are implemented. #Redefineit #SheEO
Peter McFadzean
Manager, Partnerships at Ontario Centres of Excellence
Toronto, Canada
i am redefining what it means to look after me
anne saunders
I am redefining the term work as my ministry #Redefineit #SheEO
Tracy Rossetti
Owner and Chief Celebration Officer of mybabbo.com
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how to collaborate with young people #Redefineit #SheEO
Ruth Silver
Principal, Groundswell Projects
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how organizations address social issues through design thinking. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jessica Fan
Co-Founder of @SnapLingoApp / Design for a better world
Calgary SF Beijing
I am redefining business culture and the way we think about work. #coachit #culturevulture #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Celine Williams
Coach. Creative Business Strategist. World traveller. Entrepreneur. I work with startups, entrepreneurs & high growth companies around people, culture & change.
Toronto, for now.
I am redefining entrepreneurship #Redefineit #SheEO
Petra Kassun-Mutch
Interested in supporting generative economy; Working to grow Social Venture Partners; Leading OCAD U Imagination Catalyst (Start up incubator)
I am redefining globalization. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Vandana Shiva
I am redefining how we develop leaders and change businesses. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
We believe that great leaders make the difference. Check out our website to see how we're inspiring next gen leaders to change the game. #leadershipmatters
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how organizations address social issues through design thinking. #Redefineit #SheEO
Jessica Fan
Co-Founder of @SnapLingoApp / Design for a better world
Calgary SF Beijing
I am redefining the media industry. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Lidia Bit-Yunan
Co-Founder of @SetScouter. I have a passionate love affair with the media industry. I am inspired by people, animals, and the earth.
I am redefining the family play experience with @Peekapak #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Ami Shah
Co-Founder & CEO @Peekapak. Graduated @INSEAD. Previously @ProcterGamble. Interests in #education #startups #tech.
San Francisco / Toronto
I am redefining POSSIBLE #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jessica Peters
Shameless Idealist. Anti apathy. Friend of animals everywhere.
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