Everything is broken...
What a great time to be alive!
For decades now, women have been modeling a different way of running businesses.
We get to profitability faster than men. We are more capital efficient. And we tend to build small, meaningful, value-creating businesses.
82% of businesses bring in less than $5M a year. "Go big or go home" is being replaced by "small is the new big".
Small teams of talented people are the ones coming up with breakthrough ideas for a better world.
If we joined together to support, finance, and celebrate businesses redefining everything that is broken...
We could transform our economy and change the narrative.

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#Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
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I am redefining how health programs are delivered online. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Tash Jefferies
Health and Lifestyle Expert | Top-rated Online Learning Instructor | As Seen In TEDx, HuffingtonPost, The Wall Street Journal
I am redefining the family play experience with @Peekapak #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Ami Shah
Co-Founder & CEO @Peekapak. Graduated @INSEAD. Previously @ProcterGamble. Interests in #education #startups #tech.
San Francisco / Toronto
I am redefining Education Technology #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Irene Katzela
I am redefining BabyVaccination #Redefineit #SheEO
Falastin Zghyer
I am redefining 100% compostable "plastic" #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Katherine Chan
I am redefining POSSIBLE #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jessica Peters
Shameless Idealist. Anti apathy. Friend of animals everywhere.
I am redefining global understanding in education with WorldVuze #Redefineit #SheEO
Julia Coburn
WorldVuze Co-Founder
Kitchener, Canada
I am redefining a new fast and efficient way to connect women entrepreneurs with major clients #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Ruth Vachon
Présidente et chef de la direction d'un réseau de plus de 2000 femmes de tous les secteurs d'activité. Contacts, visibilité et support
I am redefining the Toronto Geek experience. My company, Geektropolis, will soon go from a daily geek news and profiles web-series, to an interactive, participation-based, cross-platform social game with knowledge and inclusiveness at its core. Ultimately
Emily Smith
Transmedia Content Strategist at *no campfire required
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how we close gaps through social impact investing. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Freada Kapor Klein
Founder, Level Playing Field Institute
San Francisco, US
I am redefining the term work as my ministry #Redefineit #SheEO
Tracy Rossetti
Owner and Chief Celebration Officer of mybabbo.com
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining experiential education with Qualifyor. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Kacy Qua
Founder, Qualifyor
Las Vegas, US
I am redefining how organizations address social issues through design thinking. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jessica Fan
Co-Founder of @SnapLingoApp / Design for a better world
Calgary SF Beijing
I am redefining business culture through the cultivation and growth of startups #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
valerie fox
cofounder and exec dir of Ryerson’s DMZ., #1 university business incubator in Canada, #5 in the world (UBI index). Success happens here.
I am redefining autism services #Redefineit #SheEO
Sarah Anne Drew
Founder & CEO, Every1Games
Ontario, Canada
I am redefining the media industry. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Lidia Bit-Yunan
Co-Founder of @SetScouter. I have a passionate love affair with the media industry. I am inspired by people, animals, and the earth.
I am redefining work on my own terms! Some people thought I was crazy when I turned down the Dragon's offer of investment in my business (CBC TV Dragon's Den January 2012). But I decided to keep my business small and my production 100% Canadian. I've got
Karyn Climans
Owner at Tail Wags Helmet Covers Inc.
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining what is means to #liveBIG #Redefineit #SheEO @iamASheEO #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Carol Schulte
'dream big. play big. live big.' you are ready NOW. creative entrepreneur, women's empowerment coach, speaker, creator of 'spark your g.e.n.i.u.s.™
I am redefining globalization. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Vandana Shiva
I am redefining how to collaborate with young people #Redefineit #SheEO
Ruth Silver
Principal, Groundswell Projects
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining psychotherapy in the digital age with Pretty Padded Room. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Bea Arthur
Founder, PrettyPaddedRoom.com
New York, USA
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