Everything is broken...
What a great time to be alive!
For decades now, women have been modeling a different way of running businesses.
We get to profitability faster than men. We are more capital efficient. And we tend to build small, meaningful, value-creating businesses.
82% of businesses bring in less than $5M a year. "Go big or go home" is being replaced by "small is the new big".
Small teams of talented people are the ones coming up with breakthrough ideas for a better world.
If we joined together to support, finance, and celebrate businesses redefining everything that is broken...
We could transform our economy and change the narrative.

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#Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
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I am redefining a new fast and efficient way to connect women entrepreneurs with major clients #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Ruth Vachon
Présidente et chef de la direction d'un réseau de plus de 2000 femmes de tous les secteurs d'activité. Contacts, visibilité et support
I am redefining business culture and the way we think about work. #coachit #culturevulture #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Celine Williams
Coach. Creative Business Strategist. World traveller. Entrepreneur. I work with startups, entrepreneurs & high growth companies around people, culture & change.
Toronto, for now.
I am redefining the way we look at mentoring. Invisible mentors are great complements to traditional mentoring! #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Avil Beckford
Expert Interviewer | Author | Book Reviewer| Founder: The Invisible Mentor | Ellevate Toronto | Facilitating the process for people to mentor themselves!
I am redefining the media industry. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Lidia Bit-Yunan
Co-Founder of @SetScouter. I have a passionate love affair with the media industry. I am inspired by people, animals, and the earth.
I am redefining global understanding in education with WorldVuze #Redefineit #SheEO
Julia Coburn
WorldVuze Co-Founder
Kitchener, Canada
I am redefining how we support entrepreneurs who are making a lasting impact on the world. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Fran Hauser
VC @RothVentures. Digital Media Veteran. Advocate for Women and Kids. Proud Mom. Passionate about connecting people & inspiring change.
NYC and Bedford
I am redefining how we attract the best female theoretical physicists in the world. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Maria Antonakos
Director, Perimeter Institute
Ontario, Canada
I am redefining mental health treatment for veterans through The STAR Center #Redefineit #SheEO
I am redefining Home Healthcare #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
http://t.co/IDu2sMgXrb Finding and Managing the Best in Home Healthcare.
I am redefining how women learn code. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Heather Payne
CEO, HackerYou
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how meaningful solutions are implemented. #Redefineit #SheEO
Peter McFadzean
Manager, Partnerships at Ontario Centres of Excellence
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining how organizations address social issues through design thinking. #Redefineit #SheEO
Jessica Fan
Co-Founder of @SnapLingoApp / Design for a better world
Calgary SF Beijing
I am redefining experiential education with Qualifyor. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Kacy Qua
Founder, Qualifyor
Las Vegas, US
I am redefining business and success #Redefineit #SheEO
Thoughts from a social entrepreneur about food, politics, life and whatever strikes me!
I am redefining automated phone experiences, making them sound and feel better, by using real time data and linguistically optimized recordings #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Tara Kelly
Proud mom of 2 vibrant boys, passionate worker, technology lover, outdoor adventurer, thrill seeker, efficiency addict. = a Relentless, Realistic Optimist
I am redefining the messages we see in public space. #Redefineit #SheEO
Suppinder Bains
Idealist, Grounded in Reality
Toronto, Canada
I am redefining the traditional dining experience #Redefineit #SheEO
I am redefining the way women in business in trades view themselves #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jill Drader
Owner of Steel Toe Stiletto LTD. (Calgary), Creator of Women In Work Boots, mom of 2 married to a hockey enthusiast! Journeyman status + Bachelor Degree
I am redefining how organizations address social issues through design thinking. #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Jessica Fan
Co-Founder of @SnapLingoApp / Design for a better world
Calgary SF Beijing
I am redefining globalization. #RedefineIt #SheEO
Vandana Shiva
I am redefining Confidence #Redefineit #SheEO @IamASheEO
Melissa Lanz
Start-up Strategist and online business expert. Speaker. Mentor. Author. CEO, The Fresh 20 http://t.co/6d50Zv4AYI
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